CHERIFER Drops with CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor) 6mos-2y

It is a vitamins preparation with Taurine that helps in the psychomotor developments of infants, with CGF (chlorella growth factor is a cell nourishing substance that helps in the promotion of growth & weight. It contains vitamins that help increases resistance to fight infections, thus aid also for a normal growth & development of bones & teeth.

All these benefits in once-a-day convenient dose: 0.3ml daily - infants less than 6 mos; 0.6ml daily - 6 months to 2 years old

Easy to take as it can be mixed with milk, fruit juices or water.


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CHERIFER Drops with CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor) 6mos-2y

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Cherifer Drops 6 mos -2y