L'Oreal White Perfect Facial Wash & Toner Set

L'Oreal white perfect re-lighting whitening facial foam is a 100ml cleanser that will remove dirts and old make up instantly while at the same time, exfoliate and leave your skin brighter. Complete with melo-block, L'Oreals own formulation to attack and stop melanin dark spots becoming darker. Enriched with vitamin C to eradicate skin dullness and leave you with a healthy light complexion.

Get a new look with L'Oreal skin whitening products. Combine this top quality facial foam wash with L'Oreal Facial Toner for a completely lush top look to brighten skin and lighten your complexion with regular use. Toner size is 125ml

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L'Oreal White Perfect Facial Wash & Toner Set

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L'Oreal Facial Wash & Toner Set