Green Peeling Face & Body Skin Peeling Oil 20ml

Mild & safe as it should be...

UK Derm Green Peeling Oil solution provides skin whitening, minimizing skin pores and accelerates cell turn-over.

Contains vitamin A to remove & clear skin from acne, freckles & age spots...also effective in smoothening & protection from wrinkles & blemishes. Effective results will give you a clearer, younger & fair skin complexion.

Direction: Cleanse & pat-dry skin...apply thinly in affected area once a day.

for whole body treatment...use after shower or bath, while the skin is damped - rolled the oil to your skin and give it a good massage or with body whitening lotion to moisturized & even-out skintone.

Precautions: avoid contact with eyes, mouth & open wounds. do not apply on thinner body part where there are constant friction like armpits. Not advisable for pregnant women, breast-feeding um and children.

Add extra protection by using whitening body lotion with SPF formula or  whitening & moisturizing facial cream +SPF.

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Green Peeling Face & Body Skin Peeling Oil 20ml

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green peeling oil 20ml