RDL Facial Peel & Whitening Cream Set

A really nice facial set offering a 30ml non hydroquinone melowhite facial peel with Allentoin (glyoxylic Acid). Both of these handy sized products offer the customer a mild facial peel with the astringent followed by a deep skin lightening experience. RDL's melowhite compound is non toxic and does not contain harmful chemicals. Both products are very effective in skin peeling without showing the ugly skin flakes, then followed by the whitening cream as moisturizers...that will keep skin against freckles, liver spots and age pigmentation.

Wet a piece of cotton wool with the astringent & rub it on your face for deep cleansing & skin penetration, then finish it with the moisturizing & whitening cream. Can be use twice a day - morning & evening.

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RDL genuine products are made in Mindanao, The Philippines. Dont accept immitations.

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RDL Facial Peel & Whitening Cream Set

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RDL Astringent and Whitening Cream Set