Tiki Tiki Plus Baby Vitamin Drops. All the vitamins in orange flavour 30ml

Tiki Tiki 30ml Plus Drops

Baby Supplement for growth and wellbeing.

I have been asked many many times if i can get these terrific vitamin drops for baby and child. I can now offer Tiki Tiki vitamn drops in 30ml size for complete wellbeing. The serum comes in a delightful orange flavour so no face pulling or bad tastes. Containing all your child will need to keep him or her strong and fighting fit.

Nutrients and dosage are as follows per 0.5ml:

  • Vitamin C     15mg
  • Vitamin B3   2.5mg
  • Vitamin E     1.68mg
  • Vitamin A     240mcg
  • Vitamin B1   0.15mg
  • Vitamin B2   0.15mg
  • Vitamin B6   0.15mg
  • Vitamin D3   2.5mcg
  • Vitamin B12  0.15mg

Suggested use orally daily

  • Birth to 6 months 0.25ml
  • 7 to less than 12 months 0.5 - 0.75ml
  • 1 to 2 years 0.75ml
  • Measuring Pippet Supplied

Ingredients are: Vitamins,sucrose,invert sugar,natural rice bran extract,glycerin,Ph control agents,permitted emulsifier,carrageenan,caramel,preservative,natural orange flavouring,disodium EDTA, purifiedwater.

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Tiki Tiki Plus Baby Vitamin Drops. All the vitamins in orange flavour 30ml

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Tiki Tiki Plus Baby Vitamins 30ml